This portfolio is a collection of my sweat and tears that has developed over the last several years of teaching English as a second language in the EFL and ESL context, studying for a MA in English with emphasis in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL), observing different teaching styles in a variety of settings, working as a teaching assistant, tutoring students' writing, giving presentations, conducting workshops, presenting in conferences, teaching pre and in-service teachers, and working on an array of projects individually or in a team.  The theme of my portfolio is based on a common metaphor, life is a journey.  The metaphor resonates well with me because I firmly believe in the journey of second language acquisition.  The journey entails self awareness of learning styles, empowerment to take action of one's own educational development, and unearthing motivation.  My TESOL endeavor during these rewarding years gave rise to my principal teaching beliefs as well as several perspectives on learners' attitudes upon learning a new language.  This collection of academic/professional work shows my curiosity about why an individual is compelled to study languages and what maintains his/her motivation throughout this long and strenuous process.  In the future, I look forward to the new obstacles I will find during this professional journey of mine.